Java ME is released 8 with support for the Raspberry Pi

Java ME is a cropped version of Java, designed for small devices as well as embedded processors, smart phones and even, very small computers. Should be used in the phones because it was designed for them much until Apple or Google decided that Objective C or a dialect of Java, respectively, they would be on their phones.

Many Smartphones have adopted Java ME and it says that there is 2.1 billions of phones that use it, including the series 40 Nokia, Bada and Symbian. Nevertheless, the current state of the market of Java ME is of as just the 3% the market of mobile phones.

With the departure of Java 8, the language as a whole has a new vitality and a couple of days ago, Java ME 8 He was released with an emphasis on embedded processors and in the Raspberry Pi in particular. Terrence Barr, gerente de producción de Oracle explica: “Esta versión es la culminación de dos años de esfuerzo para hacer una gran actualización de la tecnología Java ME as a modern embedded software platform".

The key feature of Java ME 8 is that it is moving to Java 8, but many low-cost embedded processing devices are now supported, mainly the Raspberry Pi. The team of Java Oracle had not been very encouraging with respect to the support of IP, When in general were more directed to the use of Python for this type of processing, but it seems that this has changed.

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