Sixense says that its STEM system will support the Raspberry Pi

Twelve days before the campaign that ended in Kickstarter from Sixense, already it had completed with success the system STEM. The company announced that the motion control system would fully support the Raspberry Pi.

Duensing, the engineer behind the integration, He said that do the supported an SDK with the Raspberry Pi It is important because it provides an affordable system of high-precision tracking of the movement that developers can use to create amazing things with the Raspberry Pi.

The company will launch the SDK from the outset and anyone with a Raspberry Pi and Razer Hydra can begin to develop software for the system. Since the STEM system works out the Hydra SDK, applications created by independent developers may develop from the first day. Both SIXENSE CEO and creator system engineer, they want to involve the community hacker in the development of applications with the Raspberry Pi

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