Slice, a Multimedia player with Raspberry Pi

The company FiveNinjas Ltd has begun seeking funding on Kickstarter platform to manufacture a media player with Raspberry Pi and internal storage. Personally I'm not sure that worthwhile by the high price asked, but I'll leave the details so that you take your own decision.

He aquí una breve descripción del producto:

– Slice is a new and innovative Player Multimedia that can connect it to your TV through an HDMI connection and that allows you to store and play all your videos, music and images in Full HD.
– It has a carefully designed and personalized user interface that makes it easy and fun to use.
– All components are enclosed in a solid aluminum case.
– It has a customizable LED light ring only for visual feedback.
– For copy files just with drag and drop the files in the disk hard of Slice using a single connection USB from any Mac or PC with Windows.
– Small and portable, You can take it with you and enjoy with friends, family or travel.
– You can also connect through a network. Also available from 2 USB ports for connecting additional devices, such as external hard drives.
– Manufactured using open technologies, It can be reprogrammed to run alternative open source software.

Source | Raspberrypihax.NET

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