SmartiPi for Raspberry Pi is the box ideal for the amateur to LEGO

Although there are countless boxes for the Raspberry Pi, There is always one that catches my attention and covering needs that other cases have not thought. SmartiPi is a box for the Raspberry Pi designed to be compatible with LEGO and seeking funding on Kickstarter. Although we can make our own boxes with LEGO pieces, SmartiPi presents a series of advantages, Since it consists of two pieces of plastic that fit perfectly to give protection to the Raspberry Pi B+, and also make it compatible with other accessories.

In addition to the two pieces that make up the box we have two plates of 2×6 and one of 6×10 is the lid of the box. As you can see in the pictures that accompany the entrance, the two parts are joined together and also four screws are included. The box is compatible with the VESA mount, so you can screw it to a monitor in the back.

If I want to stack several Raspberry Pi B+ the good news is that we can stack several boxes design. And another advantage, is compatible with the mounts of the cameras GoPro® and also is includes the screw compatible with this mount.

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Autor: Fernando Doutel

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