Sniff: Un lenguaje para Arduino y Raspberry Pi

Sniff is a language based on Scratch, of which we have already spoken here, where the programmer writes code in text rather than walk by moving blocks of instructions to create programs. Sniff reach its beta version 8. Described as a language similar to Scratch to help the "scratchers" to move easily from Scratch to conventional languages. You can start to write programs without having to learn a new language because Sniff is based on Scratch. So they learn a little bit about how use variables, compile, on the errors of syntax and also, they can have control over actual hardware.

The web site started in February of the 2014 with a beta 3, which supports Mac, Linux (x86) y Arduino Uno. La idea real es la de dar el siguiente paso para los entusiastas de scratch que de otra manera podría ser mucho más difícil en su transición a lenguajes como Python: “¿Por qué fallan al hacer esta transición? ¡Porque están ya listos para seguir escribiendo programas en Scratch! Saben de bloques en Scartch, they know about the structures of control and know about the model sending messages. They can create programs in scratch without reference to the blocks palette because they are just programmers scratch. Python (o cualquier otro lenguaje), looks different, tiene una sintaxis diferente… ¿Cómo puede alguien recordar Python cuando se les enseñó todo en scratch?”.

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