How to place a Raspberry Pi into a keyboard
En el pasado hemos visto varios proyectos cuyo objetivo principal es convertir a la Raspberry Pi en un ordenador mucho más completo. The FUZE gives a retro look, while the Pi Top transforms it into a portable system, but if you want something more "DIY", todo lo que necesitas es un teclado con el Leer Más
How to Build a retro console with a Raspberry Pi 2 and less than 100 €
As I said in my first article, lack of resources sharpens the wit. Con el lanzamiento de la Raspberry Pi 2, I used to build my own retroconsola. While the name of the NES-a-RPI2 project refers to I “getting better” Nintendo NES, actually I have only used by its housing, mando y Leer Más
Pascali: la consola portátil hecha con una Raspberry Pi
Rose Colored Gaming is a company that customizes all kinds of classic handheld and desktop. Typically sell versions of consoles with custom shell colors, as almost all versions of the Game Boy Advance, the Japanese WonderSwan, and more. So far everything normal, ya que hay muchas empresas que se Leer Más
Pitendo, an emulator of the original Nintendo in the Palm of your hand
The Raspberry Pi, with all its models, It has meant a revolution among the small creators. Is no longer a major investment necessary to realize an idea, and thanks to the large community that has formed around this small plate we can find real gems waiting that we put hands to work. Leer Más
A gaming machine miniature using a Raspberry Pi
If something seems attraction of modern electronics is able to make any type of project, from those more ambitious to them more simple, passing by some that qualify as very clever. Here the inventiveness of the creator is fundamental and there are those who seek their inspiration in the past, en los videojuegos que antes Leer Más