PS3.14, a PS3 box Raspberry Pi
Normally, When a manufacturer releases a video game console, they always take some plastic replicas, to deliver to video games stores and have them in exhibition. When I worked a few years in a wholesale video games and Sony launched the first PSP, I could do me a. It was identical to the real, with the Leer Más
Console BMO constructed with pieces of Lego and a Raspberry Pi
El desarrollador de software Michael Thomas y fan de LEGO, se ha basado en la consola de juegos BMO de “Adventure time”, para construir una réplica con piezas de LEGO y una Raspberry Pi. “The idea occurred to me a few months ago”, Michael Thomas told CNET Australia . “Me había comprado una Raspberry Leer Más
Fuze, a rigid box with keyboard and retro for Raspberry Pi
Cuando la Raspberry Pi fue lanzada causó un gran revuelo, not only because was a team small, light, the size of a credit card with a strong educational potential, but also because it costs 35 dollars. It promised to be a useful tool for teaching programming and be the basis for electronic projects. Ahora la compañía Fuze Leer Más
Wooden box for the Raspberry Pi
From today you have available for sale a beautiful maple wood and fabricated box handmade. The quality and the finish is without a doubt, an amazing and incredible quality. Además incluye una ranura para el acceso al puerto GPIO con lo cual no la inutiliza para realizar futuros Leer Más
Build your same, a box for the Raspberry Pi
La mayoría de usuarios que disponemos de una Raspberry Pi, We don't have a box to be able to protect it future shock or simply for aesthetics. Usually it have outdoor with the consequent problem that may cause, liquids that may spill, the dust that is adhering to the circuits, etc. La mejor Leer Más