Visión por computadora (OpenCV) y la Raspberry Pi
OpenCV es una biblioteca libre de visión por computadora, originally developed by Intel. Since the first version appeared in 1999, It has been used in many applications. Since security with motion detection systems, to control programs processes requiring recognition of objects. This is because their BSD license, what Leer Más
Raspbmc, your Raspberry Pi as the Center multimedia perfect
Raspbmc no es más que una distro de Linux muy ligera diseñada especialmente para funcionar en Raspberry Pi y que está basada en la distro XBMC en su versión 12, call “Frodo”, by what you are talking about the possibility of converting to this very small computer of 25 dólares de precio en el centro multimedia Leer Más
Interacting with GPIO from the line of command of the Raspberry Pi
En esta nueva entrada vamos a hablar un poco del GPIO y como podemos interactuar con el hardware de nuestro dispositivo a través del sistema. As we have said previously, el sistema elegido por los ingenieros que crearon Raspberry Pi fue Linux. Initially the "distribution by default" was simple and simply Debian Wheezy. Digo por Leer Más
Cómo proteger nuestra Raspberry Pi ante ataques externos (ssh)
The history of always, It is enough to connect a device to the internet so that a lot of bots begin to attack him to see if they get access. Following this post I decided to investigate the log of the sshd file to see if it had an illegal access attempt. Thus in less of 12 hours Leer Más
It becomes a server of downloads with rTorrent your Raspberry Pi
I have chosen a manager of torrents in command line, one very very light and very full. Is very easy to use once you learn four things. At the end I will put a link to a page in which teach how to manage its interface, pero intentaremos que quede todo Leer Más