A gaming machine miniature using a Raspberry Pi
If something seems attraction of modern electronics is able to make any type of project, from those more ambitious to them more simple, passing by some that qualify as very clever. Here the inventiveness of the creator is fundamental and there are those who seek their inspiration in the past, en los videojuegos que antes Leer Más
PiPlay (PiMAME) 0.8 Beta 4 Publicado!!!
La última versión de PiPlay está disponible para descargar gratis!. The image needs an SD card of at least 8 GB. Actualizaciones: ◾ Soporte de temas. ◾ DISPMANX ◾ Cave Story reimplementado. ◾ Joystick support. ◾ Last version of Raspbian with support of the driver Xin-Mo. ◾ New emulators for ZX Spectrum, Sega Master System, Leer Más
Hirikikas: Taller para construirte tu propia máquina recreativa (Raspberry Pi / MAME)
In the Decade of the 80 video games are played on gaming machines. Today, almost all games of that era can be enjoyed through emulators or small programs that reproduce the characteristics of these old machines. Following the success of the session held a year ago, donde ya construimos una Leer Más
New update of PiMAME 0.7.10
Una nueva actualización se ha liberado del ya famoso emulador PiMAME en su versión 0.7.10. On this occasion a few improvements but if important. Added a new emulator, Alpha N64 that a few days ago was published. On the other part and as advanced Shea Silverman in his blog a few weeks ago, This version of Leer Más
PiMAME will have a video in the next version
For he still does not know. PiMAME es un multiemulador para la Raspberry Pi capaz de emular multitud de plataformas tales como CPS 1, CPS 2, NeoGeo, Cave, Sega System 16, Commodore 64, N64 among others and with an excellent result. Según cuenta el autor de PiMAME en su blog, Shea Silverman, la próxima Leer Más