Kit de programación de Juegos zondle para Raspberry Pi liberado!
Zondle, It is a web site available in English and in Spanish where you can create simple videogames to learn, In addition to sharing them and play them and the rest of the people who have created them. The interesting thing is that it offers multiple profiles, for professors, estudiantes y padres donde todos tienen la misma Leer Más
Game with Python and Pygame programming
All who are dedicated to the development of software, in some moment of our life we have had occasion of develop a video game. Many years ago, There is just the hardware information you had recourse to the test and error to know that thing made such code. With a disassembler, transformabas el código máquina en assembler y Leer Más
The game of life using Python and Pygame
The game of her life is an Automat cell designed by the mathematical English John Horton Conway. It is not a game in itself, but an entertainment where the user does not intervene for nothing. All development takes place autonomously and can not intervene to change its status. Su funcionamiento es muy simple Leer Más
How to solve a Sudoku using a Raspberry Pi , Python and Pygame
Trevor Appleton ha escrito un extenso tutorial (y me refiero extenso) sobre este problema de programación. Vale la pena leerlo si eres un recién llegado a Python, Pygame y Tkinker (para crear interfaces gráficas de usuario). Como lenguaje de programación ha utilizado Python, a modern language, well valued, que permite hacer de forma sencilla ciertas Leer Más
Introduction to the Raspberry Pi and PyGame
The weekend of the 21 de julio (de 2012), un grupo de adolescentes decidió usar su Raspberry Pi y el lenguaje Python para hacer un marathon de programación colaborativa de 24 hours, that was called “Raspithon”. Usaron la biblioteca de juegos Pygame (basada en SDL) para crear un juego de asteroides, that would be programming between Leer Más