Assigning static IP to the wireless adapter of your Raspberry Pi
Cada vez que juego con una Raspberry Pi, the end result is usually connect a sensor and expose its data via a REST service. Esto implica que la Raspberry Pi es instalada en mi red en modo servidor, to which I send requests and receive responses. Default, cuando instalas el Leer Más
Real time clock for Raspberry Pi
Cunado vi por primera ver mi Raspberry PI, I missed the existence of a real-time clock. Although the team was thought to be in permanent Internet connection, reality shows sometimes starkly and ceases to be what you idealize or want to be. ¿Qué porqué Leer Más
A retro-based console that emulates the Raspberry Pi 40 systems
¿Una consola retro gracias a la Raspberry Pi? Esto es lo que nos presenta este nuevo proyecto de Kickstarter. Sure you have played in a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Mega Drive or the original PlayStation same. Now you can remember better times thanks to a Kickstarter project under the name MINI EMU. He Leer Más
Instalando OpenVPN server en una Raspberry Pi
Algo super util en una Raspberry Pi para poder conectarnos desde donde sea será el montar un servidor VPN, in a previous document we saw how mount, but it was with PPTP, say something not very safe, en este documento veremos cómo instalar OpenVPN en una Raspberry Pi, os dejo unos apuntes para que podáis montar Leer Más
spreading, runs Android 5.1 a Raspberry Pi 2
Raspberry Pi es sin duda el mini-ordenador de mayor éxito del mercado. Since the launch of the first version of this device users have been looking how to run Android on it in the best way possible and, although there have been some unsuccessful attempts, projects finally leave you by the lack of capacity, Leer Más