Available piCore 5.1, the version for the Raspberry Pi Tiny Core Linux
El equipo de Tiny Core acaba de anunciar que piCore 5.1, la versión para Raspberry Pi de Tiny Core Linux, It has been released and is now available for download. As the name also implies, esta distribución es conocida por su pequeño tamaño (14MB) y, at the same time, due to its versatility, y ahora una Leer Más
Arduino & Raspberry Pi contest
“All for one”, that seems to be the motto of the biicontest programming contest, that has place to the 8 March. The intention is to promote shared to be able to focus on work applications and less on having to set every time something that could be of common use. Los equipos tienen que contar con Leer Más
How to build a motion sensor wireless for the Raspberry Pi
En este tutorial te mostraré cómo construir un sensor de movimiento inalámbrico y la interfaz para una minicomputadora Raspberry Pi. I have two detailed options which both work very well and have a minimum power consumption. The first option is to use a remote control from a keychain that has four buttons. Vamos a utilizar Leer Más
Send free SMS messages from Raspberry Pi
The backstory of this article is quite simple. Tengo una Raspberry Pi, one of those super small computers ARM that cost around $ 35. Yo uso la Raspberry Pi para ejecutar Nagios y así controlar mis servidores. But I wanted to go beyond, quería ser capaz de enviarme un mensaje de texto desde Leer Más
Get the weather forecast with Raspberry Pi
It seems that people have always been fascinated by the weather and of course have a reasonably accurate prognosis for its population. This is very useful when it comes to organizing a day with activities abroad. Weather forecast information can be found in a variety of places, incluyendo internet Leer Más