Turn your Raspberry Pi into the perfect multimedia center with OSMC
I guess you already know these small computers, the size of an ATM card that cost little more than 40 € and, Nevertheless, They offer considerable power. One of its great advantages is that, a pesar de tratarse de un producto cuya propiedad se encuentra registrada por la fudación Raspberry Pi, he Leer Más
Launch OpenELEC 5.0.4 with support Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
OpenELEC es una distribución Linux basada en Kodi (anteriormente llamado XMBC) que da soporte a los equipos arm como Raspberry Pi. With this we get to have quite a portable Multimedia Centre in our pocket and at a very affordable price.. As the team developing the Linux distribution, ha puesto a disposición de la comunidad la Leer Más
Kodi or install XBMC
Kodi is nothing more than the new name having what was once XBMC, In summary, a multimedia center. It is a graphical way to organize your movies, series, Photos, music and generally any multimedia content. It also includes everything you need to not have problems with video or audio codecs. And finally, Leer Más
Ambilight Installation Raspberry PI + Openelec + Hyperion
Set an ambilight system with a Raspberry PI + XBMC with OpenELEC + Hyperion es bastante fácil. In my opinion, the difficulty is when installing the LEDs, handyman depends on what you are, the installation may be better or worse. Los LEDs no se van a ver pero puedo entender que Leer Más
Create your Mediacenter with Raspberry Pi
The current paradox in the technological world sometimes comes to an unimaginable degree, where mobile terminals tend to grow, with ever larger screens, mayores prestaciones y capacidad de almacenamiento; por contra ordenadores de sobremesa y portátiles que se ven reducidos a la mínima expresión. Here we find this wonder, la Raspberry Leer Más