XBMC 13 Alpha 7 launched with interesting news
The team's development of the full media center open source, XBMC, has announced the launch of the seventh alpha version by adding several interesting news, In addition to the improvements. En la séptima versión de XBMC nos encontramos con algunas novedades que bien vale la pena mencionar como por ejemplo: ◾ Se añaden codecs 10-bit ◾ Se Leer Más
OpenELEC is updated to the version 3.1.6
OpenElec, one of the best distributions for XBMC platforms, entre ellas en la Raspberry Pi, as we have seen before and which also allows the connection of a LCD display with little effort, just update. So, version 3.1.6 de OpenELEC mejora algunos puntos que no iban del todo finos Leer Más
Video demonstration of the Raspberry Pi + XBMC in Spanish
Aquí tenéis un vídeo demostrativo del funcionamiento de la Raspberry Pi con la instalación de un media center como el XMBC, configured in Spanish, capaz incluso de usar capacidades como el Airplay de apple, access the internet, play HD videos, Music, and even emulators of classic games. XBMC soporta una amplia gama de formatos multimedia, Leer Más
They released a basic kit to create your own XBMC with Raspberry Pi
Son muchos los usuarios que adquieren una Raspberry Pi con la idea de montar un media center de pequeñas dimensiones, so was of waiting that afternoon or early appeared a solution commercial that will help to the less experienced. Under the name of “XBMC Solutionllega un kit con el que podrás crear tu sistema Leer Más
Stealth F-117A Nighthawk, a mediacenter stick Raspberry Pi and XBMC-based
Although the majority of modern smart TVs are able to play plenty of video and digital audio formats, that we have not updated our models in recent years thank for launching products that allow us to provide that extra intelligence to our veteran units. Lanzamientos como por ejemplo el Stealth Nighthawk Leer Más