Raspberry Pi workshop, programming and use of devices using GPIO

The rapporteurs Manuel Ginés and Samuel Ibáñez teach us many things that we can do with the Raspberry Pi and will leave test to the assistants to can do it them same. In the chat “Workshop of Raspberry Pi, programming and use of devices by GPIODescubre todo lo que te puedes hacer!

This workshop seeks to show the user the advantages provided by the communication bus GPIO It incorporates the plate Raspberry Pi in the most practical way possible.

So some basic exercises that will consist in performing simple assemblies of electronic circuits that will be involved will be prepared the Raspberry Pi, componentes electrónicos y algunos dispositivos de bajo nivel (leds, buzzers, relays, Displays LCD…), Once made these montages test programs will be implemented to govern the behavior of the Assembly.

The objective of this workshop is that the user can obtain knowledge about the platform Raspberry Pi and particularly on the communication bus GPIO. And once assimilated this knowledge, is the same who is responsible for designing mechanisms that will provide a solution to the problems that arise.

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