Ubuntu MATE disponible para Raspberry Pi 2

The second version of this small computer are giving much game software developers, on those related to operating systems. The new specifications translated into higher power have led this time using Ubuntu MATE in Raspberry Pi 2.

A quad-core processor running at a speed of 900 MHz 1 GB of RAM are to blame for the great versatility that has this mini computer version of the most famous. The power is such that it has come to see that is capable of running a version of Windows 10, obviously modified and much lighter than the original Redmond.

Given that in the case of Linux distributions these are much lighter, the chances increase and developers have to work to get carry some of the most popular distros, such as Ubuntu. The problem this time is the Unity desktop environment, known for being quite "heavy" that it results in comparison to other. Nevertheless, the good that exists is that in the case of not like it we can change the environment on the other, this being the option that used to bring this distribution Raspberry Pi 2.

This is based on GNOME2 environment and therefore with a workload for hardware rather low, propitiating it a good choice for the use of the distro in version 2 of the Raspberry Pi. Such has been the success of the teams MATE Linux Mint and Ubuntu have decided to support their development.

For those who are interested in downloading can be performed from the following link. For those more adventurous who want to create their own image there is also a manual with step by step process.

Descarga Ubuntu MATE | Press here


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