A modder improves the Game Boy original using a Raspberry Pi

The modder Microbyter risked 5 dollars in your pocket with the purchase of a Game Boy in a trace without having idea of their State of operation. Arriving at home, the ganga ceased to be so after find out that a leak in a battery had corroded plate console already has 25 years.

Nevertheless, Microbyter decided to take something positive out of topic and embarked on a project to resurrect the portable Nintendo with the help of a Raspberry Pi. Hardware enthusiast has documented in his blog the process of construction of the ingenious device which has named as “Ultra Pi Boy 64 Thingy”, O “Kind of”.

The project combines a Raspberry Pi Model B and an LCD screen of 3,5 inches, which fits perfectly with the original screen protection framework. With the games of Game Boy Advance in mind, Microbyter adds two extra buttons on the back cover of the batteries that make the functions of the buttons on shoulder.

With respect to the software, penultimate popular microcomputer ARM model allows you to run all kinds of classic consoles emulators or footballer Doom, providing power to spare for games of the Game Boy original. By problems of space, the whole is powered by an external battery from 1.000 mAh to 5V connected via microUSB.

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Autor: Ricardo Cambre

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