Un potente jetpack para Aisoy1: Raspberry Pi hace volar a nuestro robot

We are pleased to present the first robot of consumption based on the Raspberry Pi Model B. In this way the Aisoy revolution joins the revolution Raspberry Pi, offering a powerful robot at a cost very affordable. This small device, of the size of a card's credit, ofrece grandes posibilidades gracias a su potencia y numerosos puertos (hdmi, Ethernet, múltiples GPIO…), that now puts at the service of Aisoy1 by raspjet.

Raspjet is the first of the Aisoy jetpacks, a new series of accessories for Aisoy1 it allow to convert to different computers, like the popular Raspberry Pi or coming soon beaglebone, in the main brain of the robot. And always leaving free ports of your micro-computer, so you can continue to create without limitations.

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