A retro-based console that emulates the Raspberry Pi 40 systems

A retro console Thanks to the Raspberry Pi? Esto es lo que nos presenta este nuevo proyecto de Kickstarter.

Sure you have played in a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Mega Drive or the original PlayStation same. Now you can remember better times thanks to a Kickstarter project under the name MINI EMU.

The engine of this console is a retro Raspberry Pi and a version of Linux This team has different possibilities in the storage section from 8 GB up 32 GB de capacidad; esta última contará con la nueva Raspberry Pi 2.

How important the project is that the operating system comes preinstalled 40 different emulators, that allow us to play thousands of games. Between consoles and we supported systems from classics like Atari 2600 to computers like the Amiga, passing the MSX, consoles Nintendo and Sega, Playstation, and arcade games.

They have already managed to install and play Playstation and Nintendo titles 64, it seems that one Raspberry Pi tiene potencia suficiente para este tipo de emulación; se ofrece soporte completo de controlador.

As we can see in the console package reminiscent consoles while. The design is clean and as, command to play is totally a copy to the Super Nintendo.

The other point that excel in their promotion is the ability to play multimedia content through it. Para ello usa la aplicación de Media Center KODI con todo tipo de complementos preinstalados; permite reproducir archivos de vídeo y audio desde la tarjeta SD o la conexión USB. Applications available for iOS and Android to emulate the TV remote so you can do it all from one place. As the slogan of the console on Kickstarter, the all in one console.

You can get the console for € 99 and if not go up until you find the package that best suits you until the 699 euros with all kinds of extras. The first units of the MINI EMU will be sent this August if there is any problem.

In the same campaign Kickstarter we can find all kinds rewards. Since only the digital version of the operating system in order to enjoy it in a virtual machine and support the project to be able to buy different versions of the console will vary depending on what you want to obtain or support the campaign.


Autor: Carles Rabadà

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