A company from Alicante presents the latest home automation on the Local Development Agency

The Local Development Agency hosted today the presentation of the technology most advanced home automation that has developed the company Alicante Neo lift development. The Councillor for employment and development and President of the Local Agency, Carlos Castillo, He pointed out that this signature, that it was advised by the service of economic promotion of the Local Agency, cumple todos los requisitos para salir al mercado con garantías y es el modelo de empresa por el que apuesta el Ayuntamiento de Alicante en su Plan de Competitividad: firmas de alto componente tecnológico con facilidad para internacionalizarse y generar empleo estable en la ciudad.

Neo lift development has presented the yun-IP automation system, that is born as alternative to the systems based on KNX. It offers complete control of remote homes, desde dispositivo IOS (Iphones e Ipads).El sistema permite ver y controlar todos los elementos eléctricos de los hogares desde cualquier ubicación del mundo.

The company indicated that through the Iphone or the Ipad it is possible to turn off or turn on the lights, lowering and raising the blinds or awnings, turn on any appliance or device according to your needs, possibility of viewing security camera interface integrated into the system, among other actions. Thanks to the combination of Raspberry Pi and Arduino YUN has successfully integrated the existing Yun-pi in any electrical installation.

According to the company, intercommunication between the different elements of the system, developed based on Wi-Fi wireless technology, provides security, versatility and a great simplicity in the installation. And thanks to the use of these devices designed for free distribution, pays off, It reduces and simplifies the installation of the system limits unknown until today.

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