A 3D printer, one Raspberry Pi and little more to get this excellent game console

As a follow links keeping the things I want to print when you have a 3D printer, I think I will come out more expensive material that the printer itself. And they keep coming really interesting models to print and make them really useful things or, why not say, I simply have much apetecería. ¿El último modelo? Una consola de videojuegos cuyo gabinete está creado gracias a una impresora 3D.


Best of all is that the cabinet is mounted by several pieces printed separately. Specifically if you look at the picture above we see that there are two levels vertically and horizontally two, so we have a composite base 4 parts, a central area formed by 2 and for two other higher. The last piece is the front panel.

In addition to the various component parts of the cabinet, also we have a Raspberry Pi to run emulators. Detecting the controls added to the console it is done by the own GPIO ports Raspberry Pi without shields or other elements. Now we just have to add an LCD screen and a cabinet have to play Sea dandy. The buttons and other items can be purchased online. The machine is made for a 7 ", to give you an idea of ​​the dimensions.

If of course you've always wanted to have your own arcade you should consider this excellent project. Printing of all parts takes some time, from 8 a 10 hours printing block, and the approximate cost is 1,25 plastic kilos. All parts are ready to download and print in Thingiverse. I can only congratulate you for this excellent project malopezn.

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Autor: Fernando Doutel

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