A gaming machine miniature using a Raspberry Pi

If something seems attraction of modern electronics is able to make any type of project, from those more ambitious to them more simple, passing by some that qualify as very clever. Here the inventiveness of the creator is fundamental and there are those who seek their inspiration in the past, in video games before playing in some local, in that go to a site with "arcade machines", where video games were paid spectacular, they had impressive graphics. Clear, hoy todo eso lo tenemos en la sala de la casa con la consola favorita y una serie de cartuchos de juegos (o discos), that you have removed the business of "the things".

The author of this project decided to build your own arcade machine using a Raspberry Pi, Model B or B +, but size miniature. The author, that it calls itself as DIYGizmo, made a work exceptionally good. He used a 3D printer to create the Cabinet, It got the elements to simulate the game machine exactly as possible, as a small LCD screen, a horn, los botones (hechos en 3D), and the entire electronics to play in some little buttons, his favorite video game.

Properly painted his Cabinet e, even, It put a series of decals as when one weapon a scale aircraft. Representation of a miniature arcade machine is really a job that took him many hours and I'll probably leave very satisfied. It is a very well done job.

Source | unocero

Autor: Manuel López Michelone

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