A Raspberry Pi to activate the lights of Christmas

This was a fun project to try to make some blinking lights. Of course, It had to be a bit more complex than that, so a Raspberry Pi used for Internet connectivity, and some analog circuits are used to generate multiple PWM outputs for driving chains of lamps. Everything can be selected from any web browser. Since we are close to Christmas, the lamps were enclosed in Star made out of acrylic material and cut with laser.

Card is built in two afternoons after work, and the cables of the lamps can take a couple of hours to assemble, so this could be a weekend project.

Even if you already have your Christmas lights organized by now, este post puede ser útil para la siguiente información:

• The use of 555 timers

• Control of a DAC with the Raspberry Pi

• Control of hardware using MOSFETs

The source code is also useful if you have other requirements for control or the State of the software or hardware information retrieval using a web browser.

Read the tutorial | Press here

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