A Super Nintendo with a Raspberry Pi

A project that definitely deserves our time is converted to a Raspberry Pi in a classic console emulation support. In recent months we have seen some geniuses play all kinds machines using a Pi as brain. This time, someone decided to take a console Super Nintendo pretty beaten, and various modifications to adapt it to your computer.

Consider the case of this game machine. The final work is extraordinary, and the user chose a Jamma board to play the game, but nothing prevents use a Raspberry Pi (aquí hay otro excelente ejemplo) con el mismo objetivo. In fact, through the Web we can find dedicated distros to emulate specific consoles, and there is even a special version of MAME that emulates more than a dozen systems. The possibilities are many, the Raspberry Pi keeps winning performance, and its price has not changed, so we just need a little time, and decide what kind of console we want to recreate. Today, we passed a gallery that shows us the transformation of a Super Nintendo a PI-SNES.

A simple vista, inside the console like a plate of spaghetti, but just studying the pictures a couple of minutes, we have a very good idea of ​​what happens. The user decided to use a USB hub as a starting point for providing energy to the Raspberry Pi, and multiply the USB ports in the future converters allow you to connect gamepads, so that the original can use console controls. The main switch Super Nintendo controls the energy hub, and by extension, of the entire system. The original power supply does not have the right to provide power to the hub specifications "and" the Raspberry Pi at the same time, which he required a little extra surgery.

Even so, the most interesting aspect of this change is the "recycling" of an old cartridge and the original socket contact as an extension to a USB port and Ethernet port Raspberry Pi, so that if you need to temporarily use the console as a normal computer, you can do so without drawbacks. The gallery seems incomplete, but the material is enough to inspire. An old NES, Sega Genesis one broken ... all can return from darkness with a Raspberry Pi, a welder, and raring.

Source | NEOTEO

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