Usar teléfono móvil como mando a distancia de XBMC (Yatse)

In this tutorial I will talk about how to use our mobile phone or tablet Android as a remote control for the Raspberry Pi. La aplicación que vamos a usar es gratuita (aunque hay una de pago, pero la verdad es que con la gratuita tendremos suficiente) y se llama Yatse.

Install this application on your mobile phone or tablet and began. It first that we ask is connect us to our Center multimedia, in our case, to the Raspberry Pi. Normally Yaste recognized XBMC from the Raspberry Pi and connects to just click on it, but we will do things well from the beginning to avoid problems.

Turn on it Raspberry Pi and we go to settings, Xbian y configuramos el wifi (o el ethernet). We have to put the static IP. I recommend you put a high IP for any mobile u your home computer take that IP. For example, connecting our router from a, as put to the Raspberry Pi for example the IP

Once configured the IP, We give to close and save the changes. So that the Raspberry Pi catch that IP have to restart it, so we turn off and turn on again the Raspberry Pi. If all goes well, in settings –> system information, in the category of connections the IP that we have chosen will appear.

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