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Remote monitoring of a bird with Raspberry Pi


Remote monitoring of a bird with Raspberry Pi

Jorge Rance, a Barcelona of twiteros has made a nice project to be able to remotely monitor the status of a wounded bird who had found on the street. This has needed the help of a Raspberry Pi, a webcam and some sensors, and he has to send to twitter the State of the environment every so often. Your website shows how configured your project to anyone who wants to be inspired in their work.

Más información | Duck Surveillance System



  1. Jorge Rance

    27 July, 2013 en 22:13

    Gracias por publicar un post sobre PATOSS 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Echadle un vistazo a la columna derecha de la web del proyecto 😉 :

    Un saludo!

  2. root

    28 July, 2013 en 9:32

    Acabo de ver tu web, gracias por enlazarnos. Un saludo.

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