Wyliodrin, graphical programming for Raspberry Pi from a browser

Wyliodrin is a service that allows the programming and the control of devices embedded directly from a browser. The user can enter, store and execute their programs. You can modify and view plate parameters in real time, No matter where the plate is located

In general, programming of embedded devices requires the installation of specific software. With the use of Wyliodrin makes it easier. All you need is a computer, a browser and an Internet connection. Sign up at Wyliodrin and begin to schedule your plates. You can even use a public computer, It is not necessary to install anything on it.
With Wyliodrin program is not a problem. You can program your plates using visual programming system. Drag and release the blocks and Wyliodrin will write the code for ti.

During the programming of devices embedded in general must be connected to a PC. With Wyliodrin, the device must be connected to the Internet through a cable or WiFi. In this way, You can build cars or robots that can move to your around while are planning.

The programming of devices embedded usually means learning C or C + +. With Wyliodrin puedes elegir el lenguaje que desees: C / C + +, Java, Pascal, Shell Script, Perl, PHP, Objective-C, C #, Python, JavaScript.

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