XBian, It is one of the three possible to enjoy XBMC on our distributions Raspberry Pi. Has a Setup program and download for Windows and for Mac without any difficulty for installation. The performance of the interface is good and has frequent updates, being the last distribution tested it 1.0 Alpha 4. Does not have updates from XBMC, so we will have to resort to connect remotely from a computer terminal so that it. This is a handicap, already that if we configure it to a person who does not have too many computer skills, tell you that updates will have to do them by hand.

The biggest advantage is its main fault. If we open a terminal or command on your computer window and access by SSH to the Raspberry Pi, You can configure a lot of parameters and download an interesting application pack, as we will see later.

For access by SSH, deberemos escribir (sin las comillas) “sudo ssh -l xbian” (sustituid by the IP address of the b > Raspberry Pi, We can see in System - System - Summary Info in XBMC.

Once this is done, podremos configurar algunos parámetros como la conexión Wi-Fi (si es que hemos agregado un interfaz USB compatible), options for Overclocking, passwords, etc. Y, also, We can install new packages and update XBian.

If we install the Download package in Packages, We will obtain a series of really interesting services like SABnzbd, Transmission, Headphone, CouchPotato and Sickbeard. So, We have a Torrent with Transmission server in the Raspberry Pi, de forma que podamos acceder con un navegador web desde cualquier lugar y agregar archivos o direcciones Torrent para su descarga (para hacerlo desde internet debemos agregar la dirección IP de la Raspberry Pi a la zona desmilitarizada o DMZ de nuestro router). Nothing about having the computer on, the Raspberry Pi now handles our downloads.

The other services mentioned allow us downloading and file management, both music and news. As I said, accessed through a Web browser, being the addresses that need to be put in the browser the IP address of the Raspberry Pi and a port number, de esta forma “” El usuario es xbian and the password is raspberry.

• 9091 (Transmission)
• 9092 (SABnzbd)
• 9093 (Headphones)
• 9095 (Couchpotato)

If you don't care about having to go through SSH to the Raspberry Pi, XBian is a very good option. The possibility of updating by SSH and have as interesting as Transmission services on a computer that consumes very little electricity for having it plugged in all day, make that has to have it in has to enjoy of XBMC with very little effort.

Source | xatakahome

Autor: Fernando Doutel

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